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Updated: Oct 17, 2019


If you're coming from Venice Marco Polo Airport, you'll want an Alilaguna airport boat stop, a canal that can be reached by water taxi, or the Piazzale Roma (where airport buses and land taxis arrive from the Venetian mainland). Airport water buses are the most practical way to reach many areas of Central Venice including the Piazza San Marco which is where I stayed. Use your Ticket Lens App to by the water taxi ticket for $36. You can opt to take the bus for $10 and find your tickets for that as well in the Ticket Lens app. Going by boat though is way better, you cannot beat the scenery.

If you're arriving and departing by train, it is within walking distance of the Venezia Santa Lucia Railroad Station. You can easily walk across the bridge within 15 minutes and be in San Marco.

Where to Stay

Airbnb App Make sure to plan for this app. These are homes that provide a private room. The Hostels are not the best here. When using your Airbnb app search San Marco, Venice Italy. The places will range from $44 a night and up. You will not need for than 2 nights in Venice to see everything and you can walk the whole area in 45minutes, but it will take longer because you are not rushing to get from one side to the other.

Things to Do

Doge’s Palace Venetian Gothic style palace which opened in 1923 as a museum. The palace faces the Grand Canal on the Piazzetta San Marco. Tickets are $24 in advance with a skip the line.

St Mark’s Basilica The cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice, it is the most famous of the city’s churches. It is also connected to the Doge’s Palace. Ticket with Audio guide is $5 which I highly recommend hearing the history of a place.

Gondola Shared Experience This is one of the main attractions of Venice. Tickets can run $37 for a 20-30-minute ride, but oh it was magical.

Venice 2-hour Legends and Ghosts of Cannaregio Tour at night. Tickets run $27 and I am a fanatic for these kind of tours with history combined. They do have walking tours without ghosts, but they will run you $67 and well we all know I am all about being budget friendly.

Note: All tickets and pricing are subject to change these were done 2019

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