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Bali on a Moped in 8 days

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Day 1

When I arrived in the airport of Bali known as Denpasar International Airport, once through customs you will find hundreds of people yelling taxi. Go to the office area to the right that shows pricing of each area so you won’t get taken advantage. You will want to book Kosta Hostel in Seminyak from your app which, is the app you want to use when in Bali. Once you arrive at Kosta Hostel and get checked in you will want to go rent your moped which is directly to the right when walking outside of the Hostel. Rental is around $8 a day with helmet provided and it’s the law in Bali to wear it. The trip I have planned is easily doable on a moped. It is still one of my favorite trips to this day. I have taken out all the guesswork and planned the perfect trip for you to follow with all the best sights. After getting your moped you can park it directly in front of the hostel. It has a great pool and delicious food. So, kick back and relax, you will want to open your app and search for downtown Ubud for a place to stay one night. You can get a great place for around $20 a night with breakfast included.

Note: I was in Bali at the end of May and the weather was perfect. Always check the weather conditions before traveling to any country.

Day 2

After having breakfast at Kosta Hostel your drive to Ubud is 1 hour and 16 mins. My favorite part about the driving is seeing the country in its true form. You are going to drive 15 minutes past Ubud to the Tegallalang Rice Terrace. It is most famous for their beautiful sceneries and is a must see. There is a small-town area to sit and have a delicious watermelon smoothie and take some fantastic photos. After spending a couple of hours head to your hotel and if it’s not checks in time yet which is usually 1pm they will hold your backpack for you. You can then go ahead and carry your essentials in your fanny pack. Head to Monkey Forest which is in Ubud. The monkey’s run free so makes sure to not have any food or drinks in your hand or they will jump on you. It will take around 3 hours to tour this beautiful rain forest area and see everything. Once you are finished head to the downtown area and walk the streets with tons of shopping. You can’t miss it you will drive right through the area when passing it to see the Rice fields. There’s no hurry to get to the hotel unless your just tired so enjoy Ubud it’s a great town. When you do get back to the hotel you will want to book your next 2 nights in Gobleg. You can also find on a place around $20 with breakfast included.

Day 3

You will be driving from Ubud to the Ulun Danu Beraten Temple before going


to Gobleg. Get there early to avoid all the tourists before 9am. You will have to pay a few dollars to park and a small entrance fee. The front desk held my backpack while I toured the area. It is a must see and well worth it, especially when you are there alone. I toured the whole place in a little over an hour. After sightseeing set your google maps to your hotel destination in Gobleg which is a 41-minute drive. You may need a jacket if the sun is not out it can be a little chilly without one but oh the mountain views you are fixing to see is breathtaking. You will pass the Danau Buyan Lake stop and take pics when ever you see a magical view. You will also see monkeys all over the mountain area. Check into your hotel and after dropping your things off head back to the overlook area you will pass. Blue hydrangeas everywhere, you can even hold giant fruit bats, snakes and iguanas. Or eat lunch at the many overlook areas of the lake where there are small local venues that have delicious food.

Day 4

Drive to the Banyuamala Twin waterfalls which was my favorite hike, and this is where at the bottom you will find a random little store that sells Bali’s famous Luwak Coffee beans. You will not find it cheaper and it’s my favorite coffee in the world. I bought so much you thought I was a coffee smuggler. So, take a small backpack to put it your purchases. I spent about 3 hours hiking and relaxing at the falls. After your hike hit up a place along the way to eat or grab a snack. You will be now heading to the most famous waterfall in Bali the GitGit waterfall. It’s a 41-minute drive from Banyuamala Twin Waterfall. You will spend about 2 hours sightseeing and walking this hike. Then the last waterfall for the day is the Aling-Aling waterfall which is only 20 minutes from GitGit waterfall. These are all worth seeing. You will spend about 2 hours here as well before heading back to your hotel room for a great night’s rest. The place you will want to book for your next night is the Black lava hostel in Batur. The cost is around $23-$27 a night with comfy beds, free breakfast, volcano spring pool, hot tub, bar, full-service laundry and views of Mt Batur mountain.

Day 5

The drive to Black Lava Hostel in Batar is 2 hours and 41 minutes. Don’t let this bother you, you are in no hurry and you can make pit stops along the way anywhere you see fit. This is a relaxing day enjoying the hostel. You will book a Mt Batur sunrise hike for around 5am the next morning when you check in. So, don’t drink too much at the bar the night before. After you arrive and check in make sure to book you next 1-night stay at the Seabreeze Candidasa hotel. I got it for $55 on it can be higher so you can check pricing through the week, but this place is totally worth the money and has fantastic snorkeling. I brought my snorkel gear with me; rental is like $40 for the day. Yes, you can fit everything you need in hiking backpack and I will have a list of everything you will need at the end.

Day 6

After your hike of Mt. Bantar your drive to Seabreeze Candidasa Hotel is 1 hour 44 minutes. This was by far the best place to stay in Bali for the price. From the huge pool, snorkeling, gorgeous grounds, fantastic hosts and the most comfortable beds in huts with walk in showers. After you arrive and check in you will want to book your last night at Kosta Hostel again so you can return the moped and relax.

Day 7

From Seabreeze Candidasa Hotel to Kosta Hostel is 1 hour and 39 minutes. There are places where you will see more monkeys on your way back or stop at the local beach area for some reading time. Once you are back you can return your moped and relax before your flight back which make sure to tell the front desk you will need a taxi for the airport the next day. I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I did.

Things You Need:


5 Quick Dry V-Neck T-shirts

1 Body Glove full piece swimsuit

Swimsuit Cover Up

Yoga Capris out pocket

Yoga Shorts out pocket

3 Yoga Pants out pocket

1 Sunglasses UV

1 Fitflop Sandal

1 Salomon Hiking Shoe

1 Water Shoe

1 Lightweight Jacket North Face

1 Poncho

3 Bras

5 Underwear








Tampons or Pads


Pain Relievers

Shampoo & Conditioner In One Professional

Bug Repellent & Sunscreen


Universal Travel Adapter International

Luggage Scale

Headphones Wireless Bone Conduction

Selfie Stick Stand

Travel Lock

Device Charger Cord

My Favorite Essentials

Travel Pillow

Travel 2oz Bottles

Yeti 30oz Tumbler

Backpack Cover

Hiking Backpack

Waterproof Backpack

Want to see more? Go check out our videos and our photo albums.

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