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Roatan Honduras

Snorkeling and Diving opportunities are perhaps the main reason to visit Roatan. It is surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world which means underwater life is some of the most diverse in the world. We were in the West End area of Roatan, another popular more touristy area was West Bay. I liked how there where no waves crashing in and the horseshoe shape smooth water of West End. Homier and you can walk from one end to the other in 30 minutes. Never felt uncomfortable at all even at 2am enjoying the night life.

Getting there can sometimes be a bit pricier, but I am going to explain the most inexpensive way to see this beautiful island. Now my trip was through a Dive company based in my hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma called Blue Water Divers led by a very knowledgeable and friendly guy named Sharky Marky. With my plane ticket of $795, 17 dives plus hotel for 9 days was $800. You don’t have to do a scuba dive trip to stay but it is some of the best diving in the world. You can always check out their website at click on travel, then click on group travel to see what’s up and coming. You can always meet them there from another state. Now you have a whole group of new friends to hang with. Dinners, nightlife and different adventures I will talk more about



If you are trying to get plane tickets search Hopper app, Kayak and Skyscanner for the best deals on flights. Go to my tricks on how to use my apps.


We all stayed at Mr. Tucan Hotel which includes breakfast you can choose from a menu made hot and fresh at Bean Crazy. Beds are comfy, staff is very kind, hotel transfer from the airport included and Wi-Fi. Around $75 a night and the beach are across the street. Sorry no pool. Now my price was different because of a group going and that’s why I am giving you two different price ranges so you will know the difference in both. I checked Airbnb which had a couple of nice places but not many on the beach.

Coconut Tree Divers

The staff at Coconut Tree Divers was amazing. 5-star reviews and you can even do a turtle conservation course with Turtle Ted. We were doing 3 dives a day. The absolute best dive was the night dive which cost extra but totally worth it. Now I am not a fan of night diving, but this blows any night dive out of the water. The dive sites turn into sparkling wonder lands of bio luminescent organisms. Picture scuba diving in the stars. There is also these Strings of pearls that light up as well that look just like a string of Pearls. You cannot find pics of this and even if you did it wouldn’t be close to what you experience in real life. You can also search their page for pricing

Night Life

There is so many bars along the strip my two personal favorites were Sundowners Beach Bar and The Blue Marlin


The Pizzeria is some of the best pizza around, Aroma Indian Cuisine, Thai Place, Tacos Raul, Beachers Bar & Grill for Lobster and The Roatan Chocolate Factory where you can taste samples of there amazing chocolate. The smell alone will wanting to have you buy the store out.

Sloth Sanctuary

Ever wanted to hold a Sloth well here is your chance. This place is top notch when it comes to animal care. The Sloth will be handed to you by two people in a very careful way. The monkeys will run around on your heads and you will have a chance to feed beautiful parrots. Please if you are any where that tries to grab, or man handle a sloth do not deal with people that do not know how to properly handle these sweet animals. It is $30 with transportation included. Visit their website at for more information.

For more videos and pics go to Wonder Woman Travels

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