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Cutting Flight Costs

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Cutting Flights w/ Skyscanner

Before planning your trip have a rough budget in mind. When you know how much you’re willing to spend it makes it easier to have a place to start. I know I base my vacations on where I am going for the cheapest rates possible, which can be anywhere with my main place to search being Skyscanner.

Here is where I teach you my tricks, you cannot just download the app and get the cheap flights. I repeat DO NOT use the app it will not work.

1. Open up

2. Type in where you are flying from

3. Click on the “TO” then select on can’t decide.

4. Click DEPART picking the cheapest month. Do the same on RETURN and pick cheapest month as well.

5. Select how many travelers and click on the green search flights.

6. You will find a list starting with the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc.

For fun let’s click on Italy, then select Venice. Compare the prices and dates, normally you can travel cheaper if you pick the dates with the cheapest flights. Pick the option you like best and on the return play with the dates usually Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be your cheapest flying days.

Honestly being flexible and playing with the dates can literally save you hundreds of dollars. The trip to Austria is showing a flight for January 6th for $293 then I chose January 14th for $293 as well. Total $586 for a 14hr flight which is great for that distance. Always check trip time because if it was an extra $50 or so for less flight time that might be something you want to choose. You can also play with one way flights to see if you can get them cheaper that way.

Traveling cheaply is about getting more bang for your buck. The other websites I use to search date options are Google Flights, Kayak, and Hopper. I have learned that no matter which site I use I still have to play with the dates. The most expensive days will always be Friday, Saturday, and then Thursday in that order from most expensive.

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