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Choosing your first solo trip

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Top Solo Travel trips mapped out and planned for you

Choosing your first solo destination

Some people might be nervous about picking their first destination, but you are here to learn about solo traveling so bite the bullet and let’s go! If you are a solo traveler who is wanting to try a new place, I recommend Paris for a 7-10-day trip. Another great trip would be a Rome and Venice combo. I am going to go into some detail about how to start with either trip along with the why. Sometimes following a plan that I have traveled is easier with a step by step guide than winging it by being not sure of one’s self. Being a country girl from Oklahoma who has never traveled outside the United States can be terrifying or very nerve racking to say the least. Many sites and blogs will give you an idea of what to do, but they never lay it all out for you. I chose these destinations since they are some of the best places to travel.

1. Plan your first flight.

Using my guide on how to plan cheap flights by using Skycanner is a must read. When it comes to flights anything you may book that would consider blackout dates are all the times children and college students are out of school; summers June, July, August, Christmas and spring break. Avoid these dates if possible, because when you are looking at round trip flights during these times an estimated round trip would cost an average of $1500 versus non-black out dates estimating approximately $700 for a round trip flight. Also remember that September, October, and November the weather is normally a perfect 70 degrees at night and 80 degrees during the day. Summer months are too frigging hot to be walking around getting thigh sweat between your legs!

The hardest thing about solo travel, believe it or not, is taking the plunge and purchasing the flight. Doing a solo trip is one of the most exhilarating things I believe one can do in their lifetime and absolutely nothing will compare to how you will feel once there.

2. Planning where you stay

Here is where I say stay, in a hostel. Don’t panic yet keep reading! I’m going to tell you why this is a must as a solo traveler. First you will be around like-minded individuals, no this is not like the movie Hostel it is completely safe. Second you can choose the option of a mixed dorm with male and females in a room for cheaper pricing or if you are a female a women’s only room. The Yellow Hostel is a great start in Rome where you can choose the Superior 4 bed female dorm for approximately $38 a night. The Ostello S. Fosca or the Generator Venice hostel are the best stays in Venice location wise which will approximately $42 a night. When speaking of Paris, I recommend the Young & Happy Latin Quarter by Hiphophostels that is approximately $48 a night for a basic 6 bed female dorm or the FIAP Jean Monnet Hostel for around $44 a night with a 4-bed female dorm. All these places are fantastic locations, pricing, and rate 8.5-9 stars out of 10.

Book your hostels for just 2 nights in the city you arrive in, since you can always switch and choose something else if you want a change. Hostels are fantastic, because most of the time I never book a room until I land and choose it based off the rating and location. Guessing that this is your first solo trip I will guide you, so it is less intimidating.

If you have problems sleeping, bring ear plugs, or listen to music. To this point I have never been in a Hostel where people were rude or unkind. The best perks to a hostel are the people are always friendly and helpful on places to go in the city, as well as the must do’s of seeing the city. They will teach you more about the city and its history than you could ever know by just walking it yourself. Hostels also provide a locker, but you must bring your own lock make sure it isn’t a giant lock as it is not needed. A microfiber travel towel will come in handy as well, which can be found on amazon for around $10-$20.

The Hostel World app is a must download. If you are hell bent on not following my advice and opt for a hotel instead be aware that anything below a 3 ½ star hotel is like sleeping on a rock, with your average room rate being around $60-$140 a night. They don’t do tours and are not near as friendly as hostels tend to be. You will feel alone staying in a hotel. For reference the 4-star hotels usually tend to start around $150 to $300 a night. You are here to see a city while engulfing yourself in culture all you need is a hot shower, safe place to sleep, and helpful friendly people.

If you are doing the Rome to Venice trip, I recommend spending 4 days in Rome and 2 days in Venice. Rome has way more to see and do. The train from Rome to Venice takes 3hrs and 45 minutes and runs $90 to $100. Your round-trip ticket to Rome, approximately $700, your hostel around $42 a night, and back and forth train ticket $200. Your trip will average $1,320.00.

You can do this!

Take a deep breath and make the plunge, then email me at and tell me all about it!

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