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Palawan Philippines

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

There are 7,641 islands in the Philippines and only 2,000 are inhabited, This Blog will cover the Palawan Island. The capital Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron. This is one of the most toured Islands in the Philippines. You will have to budget $125 a day for tours, accommodations, transportation and most food. You will want to fly into Puerto Princesa (PPS Airline Code). This is one of the rare places that I suggest having your hostels booked in advance instead of winging it like I do most of the time. I also suggest you bring your own snorkel gear if you have it. I only carry a backpack and can easily pack mine in it. You will be snorkeling more than 3 times on this trip and trust me you will want to. (Snorkel, mask and fins). I will also have the best Hostels for you that are closest to the beach. I will even have all the transportation info you will need as well.

Day 1

1. You will want to have 2 nights booked at the Tree House Inn that you can find by tying in Puerto Princesa in the search engine of your HostelWorld app. It's around $8 a night.

2. Go to type in Puerto Princesa and book your ride transfer from the airport to the Hostel. One-way transfer to/from the airport to the city is around $8. The shuttles will run from 5am then every 30mins. After until 8pm at night.

3. You can also book your first island tour for the following day using the type in Puerto Princesa and the book the Honda Bay Full Day Island hopping tour. 7hr duration, $31, 3 islands, lunch included, and they will pick you up from your hotel. You will have to pay for snorkel rental equipment if you do not want to bring yours. You can also book tours the easy way by booking at your hostel when you arrive but if you like having things done in advance this is how. Tip the captain if you can.

4. At check in tell them you will need a ride transfer the morning of check out to El Nido Cost is around $16, it will be in a van with other passengers. Good news it has AC, bad news it takes 3 hours. It’s not that bad because you can catch up on reading or get to know the other passengers. They might be staying at the same hostel; this is how I find out a lot of info on the area.

So, go have fun after checking in, walked the town, go put your feet in the sand, have a drink and relax. Tomorrow starts early…

Day 2

Honda Bay Island Hopping. After it’s over the rest of the day is up to you.

Day 3

You will want to have 2 nights booked in El Nido at Lexias El Nido you can find it on HostelWorld App. Around $16 a night with the best view. 8.2-star rating.

Also, when checking in you will want to tell them you want to book the Tour A Lagoons and Beaches around $30 and it includes lunch for the following day.

Day 4

Tour A Lagoons and Beaches. I know you are thanking me right now. Your welcome

You will want to book your ferry for day 5. Go to You will want El Nido to Coron, it costs around $35 for a 3-4-hour ferry ride that leaves at 6am and arrives at 10am. So, get some rest you got to be up early. The hostel will tell you how to get to the ferry area.

Day 5

You will want 2-3 days in Coron You will want to book the BamBam Hostel through Hostelworld app. Around $10 a night and check in is at 11am.

So, once you check in you will want to book the next day island hopping tour through your hostel. Ask for the Coastal Cliffs Beach & Malcapuya Island tour. $46, 8 hours long, 5-star rating and food is included. That does not include rental of your snorkel gear.

Day 6

Coastal Cliffs Beach & Macapuya Island tour

Depending on whether you want to or can stay 3 days there is another great tour your hostel can tell you about. If you are wanting to leave after the 2 nights, you will need to book your ferry back to El Nido through for $35. Your option is after you ferry ride staying in El Nido another night or book your transit back the same day which is a lot of sitting but that is up to you and how many days you can stay. By now you will be able to navigate everything smoothly yourself with no worries. So, depending on when you depart you for your plane ride back home you may want to book a night in Puerto Princesa. Happy adventures my friends.

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