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I live in Oklahoma City Oklahoma I’ve been here my whole life I live with my best friend Super Dave and I have been doing hair for 26 years.  I own my own salon and spa, I am also an educator in the salon industry. 

The reason I started my website and dove into blogging was due to always being on a budget and constantly searching for the cheapest ways to see the world. I have searched countless websites, YouTube, blogs but nothing ever gave me the how.  After my first solo trip to Milan, Paris, Venice and Rome I was hooked and spent countless nights learning every trick I could to flying and staying the thriftiest way possible. Oh, the things you learn on your own when I started my solo traveling made me understand why most people don’t travel alone. 

  I decided to start this journey of writing and educating people on the how’s and why’s? It was simple for me; I want you to feel the complete freedom of what solo travel does to one’s soul.  There is nothing more exhilarating than traveling alone I have traveled with my two kids, friends and as a couple. It has not compared ever to traveling alone. My goal is to teach you everything I know, all my tips, tricks and motivational reasoning behind spending countless hours trying to write and let me tell you I am no writer by any means. I hope through my journey’s that this website will help inspire you to take the leap into solo travel. I’d rather look back at my life and say “I can’t believe I did that,” rather than say “I wish I did that.”  If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.

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